Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning & Docmentation (MEL&D)

  • Regular monitoring of project status may be undertaken at all levels – WC, PIA, WCDC, SLNA and NLNA. Online monitoring must become a feature of the MIS. This will enable monitoring at all levels on same set of real time data.Monitoring should include process, performance and outcomes.
  • The PIA shall upload progress reports countersigned by the WC Chairman on real time basis to enable monitoring at various levels.The WC and PIA should adopt an internal system of review and monitoring, for which the PIA may design its own MIS format.Review meetings at fixed intervals are also necessary – monthly meetings with all the PIAs in the district by the WCDC; and quarterly reviews by the SLNA; six monthly reviews by the NLNA.The National and State Nodal Departments may also undertake reviews at their levels at suitable intervals.
  • In order to support timely evaluation of projects, both National level and State level Panel of Agencies shall be maintained by NLNA and SLNA respectively.
  • A minimum percentage of evaluations and impact studies will be carried out by national level agencies which may help in deriving strategic lessons for course correction, if any, in the approach and designs of the project and its implementation, and assess whether vision of economy, equity and ecology is being realized at ground level.
  • The project-wise evaluation may be undertaken by the WCDC by deploying the State empanelled evaluators.
  • Each project will be subject to two evaluations, namely, "mid-term" and "end-of-term". While mid-term evaluation shall be taken up at the end of 2nd year, the end- of- term evaluation shall be taken up at the end of the project completion.
  • The development strategy to succeed needs dynamism at both, the planning and the implementation stages. This necessitatesorganic integration of the two through a two-way exchange of inputs. This can be effected by adopting a cycle of “Implementation-Learning-Design Change”.
  • Learning related to institutions, technology, processes, resource allocation and impacts, besides other aspects of implementation can feed as valuable inputs for effecting necessary modifications and designing of the course of implementation. Parallelly, the best practices can be shared with others, thereby promoting the universalization of learning.
  • A two day annual State level „Watershed Experience Sharing Meet‟ may be organized by the SLNAs. All the State WCs and PIAs may present their work progress, their learning (Do‟s and Don‟ts), their success stories and innovative practices etc.. The purpose is to trigger and create a culture of cross learning among the project communities. Participants from other States/UTs may also be invited to bring vigour in the process of learning.Instituting and presenting „Awards‟ at such meets will help in recognising performance and building an esprit de core among those working for these development projects. It is important that such meets be independent of „project reviews‟ for successfully creating a learning ambience.
  • A system of open access to data and information about projects, proactive exchange and engagement with academic and research bodies would be highly beneficial for the SLNAs to bring about systemic improvements.
  • Publication of success stories, pamphlets, brochures.
  • Documentation of the project area through Satellite pictures (if possible, through Drone services for better resolution) before implementation of the programme. It will helps in comparing the post project impacts of the project.
  • Documenting and uploading the Geo-tagged photos of all activities before implementation, during implementation and after implementation for better transparency will be mandatory.
  • 3-4 Video documentation of the Successful activities in each of the project in both local and English language.
  •    For WDC-PMKSY 2.0,DoLR, GoI allocate 2% of the total fund for MEL&D.

    M/s VISION EIS Consulting Pvt. Ltd, Noida, Uttar Pradesh is empanelled for Third party Monitoring,Evaluation, Learning & Documentation for 29 projects under WDC-PMKSY 2.0. The Award of contarct has been issued to the agency on 23rd June,2023.

    Reports Submitted

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    Inception Report July 2023 21.08.2023 vide No.VEC/23-24/WDC-PMKSY_MEL&D/279