Office Memorendums

Title Details
OM on 05.12.2022: Revised procedure for flow of funds under CSS - one time exemption for non-SNA expenditure by States
OM on 28.09.2022: Regarding Revised procedure for flow of fund under CSS - updates in PFMS
OM on 22.07.2022: 3rd Meeting of Steering Commitee for appraisal and sanction of PPRs of Ladakh - Meeting Notice and Agenda
OM on 28.06.2022: Engagement of WDT Member on Contractual basis
OM on 11.05.2022: SOP for handling tax payment through holding account by External Systems
OM on 29.03.2022: Modification in SNA-02 Report
OM on 26.03.2022: Procedure for release of fund under CSS